Are you just starting out on your first small business venture? Are you a established small business looking to grow and build your branding mainly using social media?

Nikki works with female solopreneurs to workshop marketing ideas, help you identify your target market and build a strong social media campaign to build your business quickly.

With 8 years of small business experience Nikki can show you how to get your brand out to the public with minimal cost. Looking at a number of areas including ways you can collaborate with other local businesses, build your social media profile plus how to attract great stockist for your brand or build on the servies you currently offer.

You must attend a TPC Workshop prior to the Private Consultation. We only just touch on Social Media in your consult focusing more on Building your Brand / Business, which Influencers to Connect with, New Directions and Opportunities plus Marketing Concept Ideas you can refer back to over the next 6 months.


Each Session includes:
Nikki researching your local competitors and market prior to meeting
3 hour one on one meeting
A detailed Marketing Concept and Business Building follow up email
(please note Nikki does not promote goal setting and structured business planning)
A local Influencer list personalised to your business
Collaboration opportunities suggested with other local businesses
This will all be sent via email after the consult so you can refer back to ideas discussed as you need.

3 hour session, $891 (gst inclusive)

Nikki will be taking appointments from August as She is currently on Mat leave

“Honestly – we were blown away by the consult and feel very inspired to do bigger and better things. It is impressive what you are doing for woman in business & you must be proud of what you have achieved – super refreshing to meet someone who is so influential and level headed about it all. “

Lara Staunton | Interior Architect | Lahaus Creative Studio Cottesloe

Current Clients include

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I ask that all consultation fees are paid upfront a minimum of 30 days prior to our meeting. An invoice will be sent once we have corresponded and set up a consultation time.

Please note your business must be launched and in the creative industries. Nikki doesn’t offer Business Consulting for Lifestyle, Wellness, Social Media Agencies or Business Coaching Professions.