The Perth Collective Platform

This Private Business Group has been created on Facebook as a platform for local WA Female Business Owners to ask questions, seek feedback plus post generally business ideas and collaborations.

It has been a huge success and valuable tool to find out what others in small business in WA recommend. Questions previously posted include

~ What are your favorite apps to use on social media?
~ When you take on a new stockist do you make them pay for the stock up upfont or send then a 30 day invoice?
~ Can anyone suggest an easy to use invoicing system?
~ Collaboration opportunities for hairdressers, make up artists, stylist, photographers       etc
~ Looking for someone to create personalised packaging and Stationery  for our label, who do you use?

How to join?
It’s a free platform, follow this link to the private FB Group  HERE
Request membership, Nikki will most likely private message you to confirm your creative business and then you will gain access.

The Perth Collective Business Tribe is a private page where WA Female Small Business Owners can ask questions, post their business events and get feedback on their ideas.
This Platform is tool to build your business and connect with other like minded creatives.

1) You must be a currently trading Australian Business in WA
2) You must Own a Business in the Creative or Wellness WA industry such as Fashion, Design, Hair, Beauty, Home, Kids, Photography, Food or Fitness
3) You must be a Female Business Owner.
4) TPC is not for corporate, franchises, real estate / investment Business, Tech related business and no Bloggers will be able to gain access.
5) Please do not be offended if you are refused access to the group as each business will be checked to see if your suit TPC platform.
6) TPC does not permit Marketing and Social Media Businesses or Event Organisations that run WA Markets to join the platform. TPC Platform was created as a took for Nikki’s Social Media and Marketing Business Clients and followers, hence the restriction on other Marketing Type Organisations.
7) No business offering Coaching (business, wellness etc) Services or offering Small Business Workshops in any form will be accepted due to the conflict of interest.
8) Nikki reserves the right to refuse you if your business is not suitable
9) You MUST have a Instagram Business Page

1)Any business related question
2)Collaboration opportunities
3)A introduction introducing you and your business to the platform (make sure you include your Instagram business name too!)
4)Trade opportunities
5)Events that may interest other WA Business Women

1)Personal questions or “seeking” personal items such as catering, cakes, event help etc this is a platform to purely benefit your business not for personal use or gain
2) Third party charity events and event sponsorship (e.g. a Charity looking for donations that you have seen a email about)
3)Negativity about another business or business owners.. you will be removed straight away from this platform.
4) Please do not recommend friends to this page I only accept business owners who personally request access to the platform.



2 thoughts on “The Perth Collective Platform

  1. Tijana says:

    Hi Nikki
    How can I use your platform to find a small,creative branding agency who can rework my exisiting logo? I am from Freo and would prefer to use someone local, your isatagram came to mind but I am finding it hard to search for what I need via the images, sorry if I sound totally clueless, I hope you can help.

    Thanks 😊


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