Nikki Milne is a self-taught Social Media Advisor plus has 10 years experience as a small Businesses Owner in Perth. During this time She built her previous hair salon to have over 10,000 followers across various social media platforms and credits a huge part of the success of the business to social media.

In January 2015 Nikki established Shemystylist a Australian Style Blog that now has 8000 followers on social media and in May 2015 Nikki launched her latest venture The Perth Collective. TPC gain a social media following of over 8000 followers in 8 weeks on Instagram alone and today has over 40K PLUS followers in 6 short months.

Nikki is a big believer in self hosting your own business social media. During the workshop Nikki will give you the confidence and knowledge to help you market your business for free via social media. What sets Nikki’s workshops apart from other social media workshops and courses is Nikki does have big social media following. Passing on tips and tricks Nikki has learnt you know that you are learning off someone who has lived and grown large platforms multiple times organically, through her own businesses.


This is a boutique style workshop with 12 guests only.

During The 3 hours we cover topics such as
– How to Build your Social Media Following
– Engagement in Social Media
– Working with and proposing your product and / or service to Influencers
– Styling your Social Media posts
– How to leaver off your Social Media to transition into sales for your small business.
– Collaboration Opportunities and How To Create Them
– The best times to post to Social Media
– Connecting and Following your Customers
– Letting your personal Style Reflect your Business on Instagram
– Rewarding your customers
– Nikkis thoughts on Competitions, Loop Give Aways and Brand Rep promotions.

Note: Nikki is currently on maternity leave. new workshops will recommence mid 2016 please follow tpc on social media for updates.

“In the first 10 weeks that I was on Instagram, I managed to rustle up 380 followers (two thirds were friends). Since I did your TPC workshop, I have grown to almost 1700 (in four months).
I’ve met and collaborated with a handful of girl bosses which has led to product promotion and distribution as well as some really nice stuff for me! It was worth every single cent
Thanks again Nikki “
Amanda Lindsay Mandala Chai

Q & A
Why a communal setting at The Peasants Table? We do have our own table and generally the area is reserved for TPC. As a creative, Nikki feels She and the attendees are more comfortable in a social setting as opposed to a office or conference room, something that is a rare surrounding for a creative type! Weekend Workshops are help at The Alex Hotel generally with upto 18 attendants. This beautiful area which includes the roof top and a open style meeting room takes in spectacular views of Perth City.

Why so small numbers? This workshop is not only about learning about social media but also sharing your knowledge and experiences with the other people attending. These workshops are a platform to expand you knowledge, meet new people and gain an insight into social media while learning how to make it work for your business. The smaller numbers give everyone a opportunity to talk and ask questions.

What do I bring? Just yourself, TPC supplies notepads, pens, food, coffee & tea plus a gift for each guest.